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Jamie Kirk (b.'95) is an artist from London, living and working in Cheshire. 
The initial concepts in his practice usually originate from introspective observations and commentary on social conventions. He translates these into quick, small and informal drawings to form the foundation for much larger and complex paintings, which are essentially abstract self portraits.
Tongue in cheek phrases, puns, double entendres and a general appreciation for language also inspire his work, with many of his paintings’ titles alluding to their conception.
He currently uses a combination of oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, layering these within the confines of precisely masked areas to achieve a palimpsestic aesthetic.  

Manchester School of Art
MA Fine Art 2018-2019
BA Fine Art 2014-2017



'Love Songs & Hit Lists', 2023, Inch Arts, Altrincham, Manchester

Slices: 2017, Nexus Art Café,  Northern Quarter, Manchester



Manchester School of Art MA Show: 2019, HOME, Manchester

Break Down: 2019, The Old Bank Residency, Manchester 

10th Affordable Sale: 2019, Naomi Czuba Dance Studio, St. Albans

Opposed To…: 2017, The Portland Barbers, Manchester

Alter Egos: 2017, HOME, Manchester

FLUX: 2016, Goodstock, Oxford Road, Manchester

Rookies: 2015, Idle Hands, Gateway House, Manchester

Year of the Brain: 2014, Town Hall, St. Albans

Jamie Kirk Artwork
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